What is the Bach Flower Remedies?

Dr.Edward Bach said about his remedies system:
"The system has great advantages.
Firstly. All the remedies are made from the beautiful flowers, plants and trees of Nature, none of them are poisonous nor can do any harm no matter how much was taken.
Secondly. they are only 38 in number, which means that it is easier to find the right herb to give, than when there are very many.
Thirdly. The method of choosing which remedies to give is simple enough for most people to understand.
Fourthly. The cures which have been obtained have been so wonderful, that they have passed all expectations of even those who use this method, as well as the patients who have received the benefit
These herbs have succeeded again and again where all other treatment, which has been tried, has failed"  
                                           Public Lecture, Healing by Herbs