Cilantro and Garlic – the Natural Chelator

Natural chelation takes place more commonly in our lives than you might realize.
When people hear about chelation therapy, some might think about the modern-day administration of EDTA or DMSA intravenously to remove heavy metals from the body

Others might remember the first treatment of lead and arsenic poisoning with the injection of BAL in the 1940s during World War II.
However, chelation therapy is more ancient and natural than you might know. In fact, long before the synthesis of EDTA, DMSA, BAL or other synthetic chelating agents to remove heavy metal toxins from the body, other chelators existed in nature and played an active role in the daily detoxification of the human body. Some of these natural chelating agents are produced in our bodies and in plants. Other agents can found in the soil�s composition (i.e. clay).

Natural Chelation - Chelating Agents in the Human Body and from Nature
The human body has its own cleansing mechanism utilizing chelating agents. Each cell in the body manufactures its own chelating agents such as cysteine, histidine, glutathione and other metallothioneins designed to remove heavy metals and other toxins.
These chelating agents involved in natural chelation are amino acids. Our bodies can only synthesize these amino acids from a sufficient amount of dietary protein. For example, our bodies synthesize cysteine from the amino acid methionine found in garlic and onions.
Additionally, sugars, lipids (i.e. fat) and other proteins can act as chelating agents. Recall that our own fat cells are notorious for storing sugars, minerals and toxins in the human body. See below for a more comprehensive list of over 90 sugars, lipids and proteins that function as chelators, whether weak or strong in their mobilization ability to remove metals. Natural chelation is indeed more prevalent than you think.
As we age, our cells produce less and less of these chelating agents. So, over our lifetime, supplementation becomes increasingly important to remove heavy metals and other toxins from our bodies. For instance, older adults should greatly increase their supplementation of these chelating agents from plants, clay and fermented foods. Therefore an increased dietary intake of plant and animal proteins is highly recommended to keep natural chelation going.

Cilantro and Garlic
There are two plants that function as powerful chelators, namely cilantro and garlic, and they play a great role in natural chelation.
Based on the research of Dr. Yoshiaki Omura, cilantro can effectively bind and remove mercury from our nervous system. It can also remove aluminum and lead as well. Daily consumption of cilantro for up to two or three weeks can eliminate significant amounts of heavy metals through our urinary track.
Also, garlic, containing both chelating amino acids L-methionine and L-cysteine, mobilizes and extracts cadmium, lead, arsenic and mercury within our bodies.

Other Plants
Practically all plants produce sugars, amino acids, vitamins, such as vitamin C, and even fats that act as effective chelators, but some produce more so than others. Potatoes and lima beans produce a notable amount of L-lysine; onion, lentils and other beans produce L-methionine in good quantities as well.
Also, herbs such as yellow dock root are effective against heavy metals like aluminum and mercury. Hibiscus, amla (i.e. Indian gooseberry), sheep sorrel and other plants high in vitamin C have a natural chelation effect on heavy metals too.

Clay and Water as Natural Chelating Agents
Over any chelator found in plants and animals, some of most effective chelating agents on Earth can found in the soil we trample on and the water we drink. Clay (i.e. bentonite and kaolin) and water function amazingly well as natural chelators.
In regards to clay and water, quality and purity are critical for natural chelation and detoxification of heavy metal. Any contaminated clays and water will only introduce additional metals and other toxins into the body. In this case, bentonite clay and distilled and / or ionized water are highly recommended for chelation therapy.

In regards to effective chelating agents in nature, we have an abundance of natural resources to draw from when creating our own homemade chelation regime for a healthy, restorative lifestyle.
Even a daily dose of raw apple cider vinegar (i.e. acetic acid, a weaker chelator than EDTA) is excellent for a daily natural chelation regime to remove heavy metals from our body. Our ancestors have been utilizing nature�s own chelation therapy for thousands of years for health and longevity; so should you.