Swedish Relaxation

A relaxing full-body massage using long, smooth strokes for relaxation, increasing circulation, improving skin and muscle tone.

Hot Stone Massage
A relaxation massage incorporating smooth, heated stones that are oiled for massage and strategically placed for a heat that penetrates below the skin.


Shiatsu is a Japanese massage, which means, "finger pressure". Shiatsu is done over clothing and requires no lotion or oil. Shiatsu not only works the muscles and soft tissue, but also incorporates the same pressure points utilized in acupuncture.
This is in a very relaxing as well as stimulating massage. The recipient is often filled with vibrant energy after a session. Shiatsu is effective in providing therapeutic relief from chronic pain; particularly of the joints, neck and back.

Pregnancy Massage
Utilizing long, smooth strokes with the use of pillows to support the body allowing relaxation and comfort. Special attention to the low back, feet and legs leaves a woman refreshed.

Cupping Massages


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